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Silverlight 3 install instructions

Note that Silverlight 3 release has removed DockPanel, WrapPanel, Expander, and some header controls goo and moved them out of the Silverlight 3 SDK (where they existed in Beta) to the CodePlex Silverlight 3 Toolkit.

Beware: the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Silverlight 3 tools addin no longer has a XAML preview pane. This is ok with me as long as we have the use of Blend 3. Also, Blend 3 now supports Intellisense in it's XAML editor....and Blend 3 no longer is dependent on the assemblies referenced within the loaded projects (it acts like Visual Studio and will examine the file system to find Silverlight 3 controls and panels for it's toolbar)

I'm converting all of my current projects to Silverlight 3/Blend 3 projects and will either post the new ZIP up here prior to next class...or just bring in the samples on the next CD in class.

So, here are my suggested install instructions

  1. If you installed Silverlight 2 toolkit from Codeplex, then uninstall it now (note: I did not request that you install this...but just in case you did...)
  2. Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (this is the Silverlight 2 VS tools)
  3. Install Microsoft Silverlight 3 tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 : Download details: Silverlight 3 Tools
  4. Install Expression Blend 3 (this web site currently says Release Candidate): Download details: Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow RC
  5. Install Silverlight 3 toolkit from Codeplex: Silverlight Toolkit - Release: July 2009
    Note: when you see a dialog saying "Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirments", then click the Return button.

After this process, you will note that Visual Studio no longer displays a preview of the XAML...but Blend 3 will show a designer. Note that when running Blend 3, you will be asked to enter a product key else run the trial (I have no product key as yet, so we run in trial mode for now)

Silverlight 2 install instructions (if you really want to avoid SL 3 for some reason)

All of my current class samples are all Silverlight 3 builds, but if you wish to develop on Silverlight 2 only....then follow these steps

  1. download my collection of Silverlight 2 installer and tools:
    Note that I zipped up more than you need...but did so just to be safe. I did not want to regret not capturing some of the SL 2 install bits.
  2. Have a clean machine with Visual Studio 2008 SP1
  3. From the ZIP file, extract and run the Silverlight_Tools.exe
    Note that the install dialog will say that it's installing Silverlight 2...but it will, in fact, install Silverlight 3. We will take care of this in a later step...
  4. After installing the Silverlight_Tools.exe, verify that it installed Silverlight 3 (look at %programfiles%\Microsoft Silverlight folder, if it says v3.0 then you have SL 3 not SL 2). If you only see v2.0 then you can skip the next two steps
  5. Uninstall Silverlight 3 (from Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs select Microsoft Silverlight and uninstall)
  6. From the ZIP file, extract and run Silverlight.2.0_Developer.exe
  7. If needed, you can now install Expression Blend 2 followed by Expression Blend 2 SP1 (neither of these will install SL 3)

Follow these steps to turn off auto-update in Silverlight:

  1. Create a simple Silverlight app (say, with a single Button instance)
  2. Compile and run in the debugger (from VS or Blend).
  3. When the application shows, right mouse click the Silverlight plug-in. Select Silverlight from the context menu to display the Silverlight configuration dialog
  4. From the dialog, select the Updates tab. Select anything but the Install updates automatically selection.

Archive page can be located here: Archive Page