Hit Testing with Transform Sample

The question about hit-testing and element resizing due to transforms was misinterpreted by me, sorry.

Here is the source of my sample: HitTestWithTransform/HitTestWithTransform.zip Note that this sample shows mouse move with a display of current mouse position....when you move the Slider controls (right under the rectangle) then this will shrink (or enlarge) the rectangle using a scale transform (I've also added a rotate, skew, and 3D projection transform as well)...but note that the position information being reported by the mouse move or mouse click will be independent of this transformed size! Therefore, the transforms cannot be detected by the element nor does the element care (as far as hit testing goes).
Note that this sample will track the current mouse location on the blue rectangle. When you click the mouse, the current position is recorded in the listbox (beware of having the rectangle display under the slider controls...your mouse will not be able to click test in this area ... I really should clip the rectangle so that it does not do this). Use the slider control to change the size of the rectangle (using a ScaleTransform), rotate (using RotateTransform), and skew (using SkewTransform) and 3D projection (using PlaneProjection). Please note that the position information never-ever changes....as far as the visual is concerned, it is always the same size.
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