Silverlight Programming - User Interface and Web Service Communication

Programming and Customizing User Interfaces and Consuming Web Services / REST/POX/RSS using Microsoft Silverlight 3.0

last update: 10/5/2009

Summer Session 2009

I've moved the class page here: Silverlight Summer Session 2009

New Samples

NOTE: After testing this site on my Mac, I can see that Safari is not honoring the cache request. I do know that Firefox and IE 8 do cache on Windows Vista....I'm looking into this and will post a fix when I figure it far this is only an issue for Safari browers on Mac (FireFox on Mac is caching)

Resolution (sort of): I think that Safari does not bother to honor the cache request for syndication feeds. The browser is configured to refresh the feeds at 30 minute intervals by default and maybe this is the primary control within Safari wrt RSS and Atom.

Some more reading

Questions about the last class meeting

I adjusted the RESTful demo so that I had two URI's with the following contract definitions. This is not an example of a well-formed contract, by the way:

contract for REST

From my testing, it appears that the WCF WebBinding will look for the absolute URI first, then default to the templated URI second. So calls of the form  http://localhost/ShopList/List/DoStuff will wind up calling DoStuff and not GetShopList.